Sustainability - Channels to the Community


Environmental commitment is a priority for the Penha Group, so in its manufacturing process, resources are used in a conscientious way, focused on sustainability, so as not to compromise their availability for future generations.

The products (scraps, paper, sheets, accessories and corrugated cardboard boxes) are 100% recyclable.

The scraps generated in production are used to supply the company’s paper mills, as well as counting on the supply of local cooperatives, with the promotion of income generation.

Other waste generated during the processes is treated in accordance with all current legislation.

The company’s boilers are powered by wood and bamboo chips (the only company in Brazil to have this use), which are natural and renewable biofuels. Is important to highlight that the bamboo we use in this process is provided by the responsable operationalized cultivation in our support unit – Penha AgroForestry – following the current environmental legislation. 

Sources such as chip transport trucks, coils and packaging follow emission controls in compliance with applicable legal requirements.

The generation of effluents complies with the company’s environmental licenses, which are treated in effluent treatment plants –  wastewater treatment.

The company promotes annual environmental awareness events, not only for its employees, but also for the communities to which it belongs.

In this way, all the activities carried out at the Penha Group aim at strengthening the balance between the pillars of Sustainability: environmentally correct, economically viable and socially just.

Thus, we provide communication channels so that all interested parties (communities, customers, suppliers, etc.) can get in touch, through e-mail and telephone extensions.

Itapira Unit: +55 (19) 3863-9186 and +55 (19) 3863-9205
[email protected]